Entry: 4 weeks Aug 27, 2014

He only told me on Monday morning, when I slept at 3am and got up at 7.30, that he was flying off that very same night. He wished he wasn't, but he has to. The flight was already booked. He could not pack properly as he had no weighing scale. I could not stand just going home after seeing him briefly at his house with his mom and sis there too. I drove to the airport myself hoping to catch him once more before he went through the gate. He came with Nick and was frantically trying to unpack stuff when his luggage got too heavy. I feel really bad, I made him take out his keyboard and mouse when he didn't need to. Now I have several bags of his stuff at my house, things he could not bring with him.

I wonder how am I going to go through 4 weeks without him. Day 1 is bad. I feel like crying at some point.

I have so much work to do, I feel horrible.

Well, 4 weeks will go by quickly. I hope. I have given him a hundred dollars in cash, I hope he still has it. I hope he won't be angry with me. I hope to finish all the work he's asked me to do. Tonight I will be strong enough to at least email him a 3D model of the project he's asked me to do. And on Friday I will submit the one he's asked me to submit.

I can do it! Gambateh!


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