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Apr 26, 2014
it was a good night
i cooked dinner for him, he ate it all, he was grateful. we went over the design for one of the projects and he and his friend had to leave to skydive again. the night ended with messages that are positive... kind of... he smiled at me :)

i also have been chatting with a new friend and he seems very nice and humourous...

nice interactions with housemates make me feel more human...

less shitty junk foods invade my stomach now that i stopped buying them as of last night.. lol ...

i propped my laptop onto higher platforms so i can stand and work... better for my back i guess...

i wish i can be with him forever... *_* faraway dream? impossible reality... sigh.... the man of my dreams.... strong, handsome, independent, smart, funny, brave, dangerous, intimidating, fearless, stubborn, deft, crazy, ambitious, persistent, diligent, kind, gentle, wildly interesting.. sexy...

one hell of a ride in a car/bike/relationship/sex with him... oh i don't know what to do with my life, to continue investing in this crazy relationship or not... to slowly let go...

Posted at 03:28 pm by yinnie


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