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Apr 20, 2014
another dream that pierced through my heart
i was in an apartment together with him and another asian girl, who is dark-skinned, short black hair and i hated her although i did not recognize her. she bought big slices of meat jerky for us which i did not touch. we had some bread-cake on the table. i looked away for a few moments and when i looked back, he had carved the words 'i still love you' on the bread. i quickly carved 'me too' on mine and showed him. we were smiling so warmly and brightly at each other. i vaguely remembered there were some hugging, kissing, spooning as well.

the warm sunshine woke me up. i am mentally and physically tired. the reality of it all hit me and i wished i could stay permanently in that wonderful dreamland where it was all nice and comfortable and perfect, instead of this cold hell i'm in right now. how i wish he really does love me back... if only .... :'(

Posted at 07:32 pm by yinnie


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